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Workplace Mindfulness

Our unique services are designed to bring greater harmony, ease, and productivity to your second home.


In order to be present with our work, we must first be present with our Self

The Workplace Services provided by Enodia Center for Balance are designed to bring a greater sense of harmony and productivity to your work environment through Mindfulness and Stress Management. We help your employees learn how to respond, not react to daily stressors in a way that can dramatically shift the culture of your company.

The benefits are immediate, and with practice the results are long lasting. In addition to feeling a greater sense of ease and relaxation in the moment, your employees learn valuable tools that they can use long after the presentation is over. With practice, the results are profound.

In addition to the options below, Enodia Center provides Individualized Mindful Stress Management support for Senior Level staff.

Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss how this and other services can help you and your employees work in a lucrative, productive, harmonious environment.


Our Unique Business Services include:

  • Complimentary phone consultation prior to the presentation to discuss the unique needs of your staff and work environment

  • Comprehensive Introduction to the meaning of Mindfulness, Connecting with the Self, and Stress Management

  • Dynamic Presentation on how to use Mindfulness to attain more harmony in your work life

  • Full-Length Interactive Relaxation and Stress Management technique

  • Group Q&A, including tips for utilizing the techniques throughout the work week

  • Take-home materials provided by ENODIA Center for Balance, LLC


A Little Goes a Long Way

Bringing a little Mindfulness and Stress Management to the workplace has far reaching results.


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Benefits Include:

  • Significant increase in overall morale
  • Greater employee retention
  • More lucrative client relationships due to effective, responsive communication
  • Improved Focus and Quality of Work
  • Decreased employee tension and conflict
  • Reduced use of sick days
  • Increased Productivity
  • An environment where employees respond, not react to daily stressors


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