Enodia Center


Come back to you.


We are all individuals with an unfolding story and an innate propensity to heal.

Psychotherapy is not solely about fixing what is wrong or out of order in our lives. Though it's often these things that bring us here to begin. 

There may be stages throughout our lives where we need more support and and better ways of coping in order to help to manage the day-to-day. Sometimes we can see how traumatic experiences shape our lives, or areas where we've become "stuck." From anxiety, relationship issues, to overall feelings of being lost, our minds and bodies often cue us in that something is awry... something is out of order. It's these times when we realize it's time to journey within.

Exploring Psychotherapy may be right for you if you've been experiencing or have been diagnosed with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Dissociative Experiences

  • Self Injury & Self-Harming

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Extreme emotional upheavals, or other experiences that warranted more intensive support or hospitalization

  • Navigating major life transitions (school, motherhood, new roles)

  • Attempts to navigate life by using alcohol, substances, or other non-sustainable coping strategies

  • Divorce/Changes in Significant Relationships

  • Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Mood Disorders and/or Difficulty with Self Regulation

  • Caregiver Burnout

  • Stress Management and Self-Care

  • Feeling Lost


The staff at Enodia Center are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who specialize in working with women & teen girls. In addition to Psychodynamic and Depth Psychotherapy, our practitioners hold advanced specializations in Art Therapy, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Jungian Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

To schedule an appointment, or for a complimentary in-office consultation, please contact us or call 201-345-2193

What To Expect

Beginning therapy can be a powerful step toward a deeper level of healing and self exploration. It can be an intense and meaningful process, and can at times be difficult and challenging. However, figuring out where to start can often be the most daunting part. Whether this is your first time exploring Psychotherapy or you have had experiences in the past, we've provided a detailed sense of what to expect below. In addition, please visit our FAQ page for clarification about Enodia Center's policies and where to start.


The Sessions Are Just as Unique as You Are.


Everyone’s bodies are different, as are our minds, and we all navigate our experiences differently. Therapy sessions typically take place once per week for 50-90 minutes. The course and pace of therapy will be determined by you and your therapist based on where you are and what you hope to see. This can also be discussed at your complimentary consultation so you have an even clearer idea of what to expect.

In addition to talk therapy, we incorporate powerful non-verbal modes of exploration & healing including Art Therapy, Active Imagination, and EMDR. Know that wherever you may find yourself, you and your life's circumstances will always be met with complete respect.

You Will Never Be Judged. 


This is the core of the therapeutic relationship and part of what makes the therapeutic experience so unique. You are encouraged to express anything at all, and in return your therapist provides you a fully non-judgmental and safe space to do so. 

Why this is so important: Sometimes when we experience something traumatic or painful, there’s a weight of shame and embarrassment that can come along with it. This can often be a barrier to seeking help and healing. At Enodia, we deeply understand this, and work with you at your own pace to process and heal. Wherever you may find yourself, we know that it’s part of your own personal journey.

Everything Remains in the Room.


Your communication with your therapist is confidential. Whether you’re 15 or 55, you deserve a place where you can express anything, free from judgment, and without inhibition. There are some limits to complete confidentiality when it comes to ensuring your safety, which your therapist will explain in detail prior to your first session. You can read more about the terms of confidentiality and what to expect in our privacy policy, which we're happy to send you via email prior to starting.

It’s All About You. Always.


Although it can be extremely helpful to confide in a friend or loved one about what you’re going through, sometimes we just need someone to listen without trying to “fix it” or relating your experience to a story about themselves. At Enodia, we firmly maintain that this is your time. The only information you should expect to receive from your therapist will always be directly related to you and your experiences. 


We Respect Your Expertise.


Although we are experts in our field, you are the only expert in your life. Our role as your therapist is to help facilitate your personal healing and inner exploration. Your therapist will challenge you when appropriate, and support your limits; always with non-judgmental acceptance, scientifically-supported therapeutic techniques, and unwavering respect, so that you can create the movement you want to see in your life.


If you have any questions about what to expect from your therapeutic experience, or about Enodia Center's Practice and Policies, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

To schedule an appointment, or for a complimentary in-office consultation, please contact us or call 201-345-2193