Sparked from the conviction that nurturing, exploring, and healing one’s Mind should be an option for everyone, Enodia Center has become a space to connect on a deeper level with who you truly are. 


The mission of Enodia Center is reflected in our name. “Enodia” comes from the mythological goddess of that name who is considered the “Guardian of the Crossroads.” The goddess Enodia fiercely represents the removal of judgment. In Greek mythology, Enodia fervently defended and assisted individuals who found themselves shrouded in darkness, others who were gleefully residing in the clouds, and everyone in between. She held in high regard those seen as "outcast."

In some myths, Enodia represents the literal and symbolic journey of womanhood; the youthful girl, the nurturing caregiver, and the wise older woman. In addition, she symbolized the many dimensions of the feminine; beautiful, subtle, fierce, awe-inspiring, nurturing, life-giving, and all the light, dark, and grey in between.

In modern day there is an Enodia butterfly named after the goddess, which stands as a symbol of transformation, beauty, and personal growth. The overall message of the goddess, her namesake's butterfly, and Enodia Center, is that wherever we may find ourselves in life, we all deserve to be honored, supported, and respected.

Enodia Center journeys with individuals as they dive deep within themselves to explore the different aspects of their Psyche. We do so without judgment and without exclusivity. The words “women” and “feminine” are therefore used in a non-literal and non-binary way to describe these feminine elements that exist to some degree within all of us. Enodia Center is an inclusive environment, and welcomes all individuals who identify in any significant way with what the Enodia Center philosophy and mission represents.