Lauren McCarthy Debiak, LCSW

Founder, Psychotherapist


232 Madison Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
(201) 345-2193

About Lauren

Enodia Center was created in 2013 out of a deep passion for helping redefine how we as a culture and a community approach our mental health; our inner world.

Lauren’s foundational philosophy is that we are not a set of symptoms to fix. We are all individuals with a story and an innate propensity to heal. Psychotherapy can provide simple and powerful tools we can use to help us navigate from week to week, journey deeper into our experiences to heal where we may remain stuck, learn to trust our instincts & be comfortable in our own skin, and ultimately uncover deep inner knowledge about who we are. All these together help us crystallize the lens through which we view our day to day life and experiences; past, present, and future.

Lauren’s experience includes nearly 15 years working within the field of Mental Health, including Adolescent Partial Hospitalization & IOP, Outpatient Counseling for Adults, In home Crisis Counseling, Child Welfare organizations, and High School Counseling, along with volunteer work, community involvement, and ongoing Mental Health advocacy. She attained her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from NYU, and holds a BA in Art Therapy. Lauren is currently pursing her PhD in Depth Psychology with a Specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies.

In her work at Enodia Center, Lauren’s primary specialization consists of helping teens & adults navigate their inner and outer world, especially when complicated by trauma, self injury, diminished self esteem or self worth, feelings of loss or emptiness, and addiction.

Lauren is passionate about guiding her clients to find their inner voice and their inner knowledge. In her sessions, she helps clients quiet the noise, reprocess & work with past trauma, and explore their true inner selves through Mindfulness work, Art Therapy, Active Imagination, Psychodynamic PsychotherapyPoetic Journalling, EMDR, and more.

Lauren knows that everyone is on their own personal path, and that every experience is unique. She believes that we also have the innate ability to heal, connect with our true inner selves, and uncover a meaningful, perhaps even enchanted life experience. Each and every person will know when it’s their time to make that journey inward…


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