Mothering Our Self: Creating a Balance between Selfish and Selfless

As Mother’s Day approaches, our awareness shifts to the nurturing, mothering side of humanity. You may be focusing on your own motherhood, your mother, a special parent in your life, or a friend who has always been nurturing. Chances are, nearly everyone can reflect on one person who has assumed and dedicated themselves to the role of caring for another. While reflecting on these women, ask yourself if any of them are stressed or burnt out… Better yet, try to think of any who aren’t.

Somehow along the way many of us internalized the message that to care for others is to be selfless. In order to be a good caretaker, you must put your needs last. The overarching problem with this is that it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t recharge and keep your life force going, you will burn out and be of no help to anyone. The foundation of being a good caretaker starts with caring for yourself.

There has been tremendous research and press that supports the notion “happy mommy = happy baby” when it comes to in-utero development. There’s a reason why you take your vitamins, eat well, practice relaxation, and treat your mind & body kindly when pregnant. Caring for yourself helps you care for another. During pregnancy, the common notion is that the baby’s needs come first. While this may be the primary sentiment, the reality is that the mother must tend to herself first in order to sustain the life within her. You can’t simply take care of the growing child within you without taking care of yourself. The important thing to remember is that the necessity for self care doesn't stop there. Women and caregivers everywhere must make this paradigm shift. In order to care for others, you must care for yourself first. This notion can feel uncomfortable at first, and it’s important to differentiate this from being entirely self-absorbed or neglecting the needs of others. As with everything, it’s about balance. Too often the scales are tipped so heavily toward self-neglect that we crash, burn, and feel like there’s nothing more to give.  

As spring continues to emerge and we approach Mother’s Day, reflect on how you take care of yourself, and how the mothers in your life are cared for. To help you practice some self care, and to honor all the nurturing, mothering women in our lives, ENODIA Center for Balance is offering a promotional Balancing Treatment for 2 from now until the end of May. Give back some love and self care to you and your own mother (or any special woman in your life) with a Mother’s Day Balancing Treatment for 2 for $99!

In order for the wellspring to continue nourishing life, it must have a steady stream to sustain it. 

With Love,
Lauren & Rachel

Lauren Debiak