The Beauty of Change


Take a deep breath in. Yes, *long exhale* autumn is officially here. It’s the time of year that really makes us take notice of the changes happening all around us, and perhaps even within us. By simply paying attention and being mindful of what’s occurring, we realize the weather has grown cooler by the feel of the chill in the morning air, and we become aware that the sun is setting earlier than it had just a month ago. The trees’ leaves are changing into a beautiful array of reds, oranges and golds, and slowly falling into crunchy piles everywhere. There are pleasant tastes and aromas of warm pumpkin spice and apple everything, all of which help to perfect this season and its need for warmth. In addition to the changes around us, autumn brings out an awareness that we’re in a transitional stage of the year, which can also represent transitional stages that may be taking place in our lives. Following the more active pace of summer, autumn begins a time when we start to turn inward and slow down. Looking at our lives and what’s going on can encourage us to look ahead toward the final months of the year and taking stock of what we want to do to prepare for that change. This preparation can include getting projects in order such as decorating your home with fall style, reorganizing the closet to include more sweaters, and even more beauty-focused ways like changing up a hair style or darker nail color. It also may include working on changes within ourselves via self-care or self-improvement. 


Transitions force us to see that our lives moves forward, are full of change, and that situations rarely remain the same forever. While this is vital and wonderful in so many ways, this type of reflection can simultaneously trigger memories, nostalgia, and looking back on the past. As life or the seasons turn a page, it is nearly impossible to not remember or think back to what was. Perhaps this time of year reminds you of warm childhood memories such as family holidays or school days, or it may remind you of upsetting or unpleasant memories associated with this time of year. Nostalgic thoughts or memories can induce a variety of emotions, however the key is to bring attention to all emotions that come up for us. In order to fully recognize and understand how we feel about change, we have to first be with those feelings and allow them to be fully felt. Change represents evolving and growing, but in order to truly do that we need to embrace and experience the change and all that comes along with it. A beautiful quote about transitions states “All endings are beginnings and all beginnings are endings.” We look forward and ahead to the beginning of a new phase or season while also bringing attention to what is happening in the present moment, as well as the thoughts and feelings about everything related to the process. 


So what do we do with all of this change occurring, and how do we best prepare for it? Well for one, take a deep breath, look around and notice some of the physical and beautiful changes that are happening around you…the chill in the air in the morning, the smell of something warm and tasty baking in the oven, the feel of cozy socks on your feet, the colorful crisp leaves on the ground. Take a few moments to really bring attention to all of it. If nostalgia, memories, or feelings surface, begin by sitting with them and noticing what they feel like, and where you feel them in your body. Taking some time to be with our feelings by noticing and accepting them without judgment or trying to push them away allows them to be validated and better understood, and helps to make it easier to recognize and manage. If there is a part of your life that you wish to change or see improve, begin by thinking about what you want to experience more or less of in your life and what that would look like. Moving through transitions and changes can be easier for some than others, and reaching out to a therapist or helping-professional to better manifest, manage and embrace the changes you wish to see can be so effective to achieving more of what you want. 


As you experience all the changes and feelings associated with this time of year, make sure to take care of your whole self. Stress can significantly weaken the body’s immune response, and a weakened body can cause more stress. During this time of transition, especially with those cold and flu bugs lurking around the corner, be mindful of how you are caring for your physical self. In the cooler months, it’s essential to bring warmth to your organs and body via warmer foods and spices, and by staying hydrated with warm beverages like tea and warm water with lemon. Keep your immune system healthy by eating seasonal veggies and fruits, and make sure to continue incorporating stress management and relaxation into your self-care routine. 


In line with the changes and transitions happening all around us, here at ENODIA we’re evolving and making exciting additions to our business! We are eager to share with you in the coming weeks the new changes that we too are experiencing. As an ever-evolving business, we recognize that changes are so necessary and healthy for keeping things fresh, meeting the needs of our customers and community, and for making change a normal and healthy part of the life experience. As a result, we’ll soon be offering additional services to give you better ways to experience ENODIA’s wonderfully effective self care services, so that you and yours can have a healthier mind and more balanced life. We can’t wait to announce what we’ve been up to and wish you a beautiful and healthy autumn!

With Love, Gratitude, and Warmth,

Rachel & Lauren

Lauren Debiak