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About Anne

“The Nature of our Presence on earth is guided by the wisdom of our heart. We are embodied beings that long to create a more authentic life and find our true voice. The process of transformation is a mutual journey that takes place within the safe container of a relationship based on compassion, deep listening and dialogue. In my many years of practice, I have been honored to witness the gradual unfolding process of change.”

Everyone has a story to tell when we make time to sit with the silence. There is no rush to fill the space as the conversation unfolds. We just allow the story to be told. Anne is passionate about weaving the tapestry of dreams, memories, symbols and archetypes to explore the fertile darkness and remember the wild ways of the shadow. She holds up a mirror to reflect the radiance of the hidden feminine soul, recovering the luminous pearls from the depths of the underworld.

Anne is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from New York University. She has worked in Outpatient Community Mental Health services and Substance Treatment for the past 30 years, specializing in Trauma and Addiction.

Throughout her work, Anne has developed groundbreaking Mind-Body programs, including the implementation of Yoga as a therapeutic component in a 5 day per week Day Rehabilitation Program to integrate the body, mind and spirit into the recovery process. Read an article published on her work “Yoga as a Therapeutic Component in Treating Chemical Dependency” in The Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly (1987) based on the effectiveness of the 4-year program she facilitated at Rockland County Department of Mental Health.

As a Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist, having trained with Michael O. Smith, MD at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx in 1991, Anne introduced Acupuncture Detox into several Substance Programs as an Evidence-based treatment under the regulations of NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. Anne coordinated the program from 1991-1997 at Rockland County Department of Mental Health where she had 11 staff trained as Acupuncture Detox Specialists in Day and Evening clinics.

Anne has facilitated profound and meaningful trauma work including individual and group Grief Rituals to release loss associated with infertility, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy, sexual abuse, and menopause. Anne holds that through visualization and active imagination, we can gain access into the feminine psyche to connect with childhood memories, archetypal or shadow energies, and utilize imaginal journeying or recapitulation to explore past traumatic events and soul loss. In addition, we can reflect on our generational trauma stories that are stored in our bodies, called “soul wounds” or generational scars which are inherited or passed on through family lineages in epigenetic trauma imprinting encoded in our DNA. 

In addition to her deep contributions to the Mental Health and Substance Treatment fields, Anne has been a Mentor and Facilitator of International Womb Awakening programs since 2013. She has held Womb Awakening workshops, Moon Circles and Over-the-Moon Circles for women in menopause or perimenopause, and has mentored programs on The Mother Wound, Sister Shadow. Learn more about Anne’s work and contributions with Womb Awakening here.


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