Enodia Center

The seeds have begun to sprout, and a new cycle, a new season is upon us… more info to come.

“Expect poison from the standing water.”

-william blake


This season, Enodia Center is willingly entering into a period of silence… making a descent back into the gestational void. The Underground, the Womb. This is the space most of us fear; The Unknown, silence, darkness. When we embrace it, we begin to understand that this is also the place where seeds germinate and from where all new and creative life emerges. Without the void, there would be no new life.

During this time, we will not be accepting new clients or inquiries. Though the earth may appear barren, the seeds are germinating below the surface, and preparing to emerge in all their glory.

We hope our journey inspires you to embrace yours too.

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About Us

In a few short weeks, Enodia Center will mark our 6th year. Throughout this time we have evolved and grown as all living beings do. Through it all, Enodia has continued to be bigger than us, more than the sum of its parts. The meaningful work we have been witness to individually, and the communities built are an invaluable and all part of this bigger Work that has inspired and guided us to where we have landed.

This Fall we were made aware that we had outgrown our current home. Our Enodia House could no longer contain the groups and communities that were emerging, and we made the decision to step out. In that time, it became remarkably clear that we needed to step out even further.

Enodia Center is and was always meant to be both within and beyond convention. We were forged from passion to break apart what is oppressive and unjust, and to create a new kind of space to allow for each individual awakening, and the deep alchemical feminine shifts occurring throughout our world. We have a vision for a space that deeply honors, welcomes, and ignites the whole of each soul who enters. This environment also needs a supportive community, as both are made whole together.

Through this time, we are continuing to work on what is even deeper than the foundation; our roots. We are going back to the origins of Psychotherapy, and deeper and further still as we revision The Work. The hope is to cultivate a more whole landscape and deeper relationship with our Psyche.

We will share some glimmers of life here and there via Instagram @enodiacenter and send updates when they are ready via email.