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Individual Psychotherapy and Mindful Women's Circles with a deep focus on reconnecting with your true inner Self.

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Depth-Oriented Psychotherapy at Enodia Center guides you to explore the inner workings of your mind and tap into the deeper aspects of your Self. We do this while also helping you better manage the day to day, and heal or deeply process traumatic wounds. At Enodia Center we work together to help you reconnect with and form a better relationship with the world around you, and ultimately with your Self.

We all have a deep wisdom that exists within us.


Mindfulness at Our Core


Mindfulness is a cornerstone of Enodia Center's Philosophy and the work we do. Learning to be present with our Self with full non judgmental awareness is a powerful tool in easing suffering and emotional distress, and helping us reconnect (or connect for the first time) with our true inner Self.

We all have a deep wisdom that exists within us. Through trauma, low self worth, and even cultural influences we can become so disconnected from it that we may feel this inner compass doesn't work at all. Mindfulness is one of the ways that we can quiet the noise both external and within so we can listen and truly connect with this, and all the aspects of who we are.


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