Easing Our Worries & Calming Our Thoughts


Easing Our Worries & Calming Our Thoughts


Date: Monday October 12, 2015
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Studio Class: Guided Imagery

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Nearly 90% of the time, the brain and body don’t know the difference between what we think we’re experiencing versus what we’re actually experiencing. That’s how our worrying can cause physical symptoms as if we were in a threatening environment, but also how Guided Imagery can cause physical symptoms of relaxation as if we were lounging beachside in Bali.

Learn how to harness power of your mind and imagination to give your mind a rest. When the mind is experiencing relaxation, pleasure, or stillness - even for just 10 minutes - the body responds accordingly. 

Throughout this class, we'll connect and talk about this topic via practitioner-led group discussion, then experience a full Guided Imagery visualization, followed by Q&A. As always, we invite you to stay the last 10 minutes for tea, chocolates, and connecting with our community of women in a relaxed and easy setting.

What to expect:

All of Enodia Center’s sessions, Studio Series, and community events are designed to be realistic for every woman. You don’t have to alter your beliefs, lifestyle, or wardrobe to experience all the benefits of our Studio Series. Therefore, each class in the series is completely "come as you are". The only request we have is that you remove your shoes, so comfy socks are always a plus! As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.