Allowing Our Negative Emotions


Allowing Our Negative Emotions


Date: Monday November 9, 2015
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Studio Class: Life in Balance Meditation

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In our day to day, we're bombarded with the message that life is about being "happy." Nearly everywhere we look, we experience the pressure to outwardly display to the world how full of sunshine and smiles our lives are. Even many the most well-meaning Self Help Gurus preach a life full of happiness. The problem is that this is very often in discordance with life itself. This pressure can leave us feeling like something is terribly wrong with us when we're not as blissfully giddy as everyone's news feed reflects.

Very often, the feeling of "distress" we dread isn't created by our negative emotions, but rather it's manifested from the internal struggle and fight we experience when trying to avoid or push these feelings away. This can present itself in ways such as getting angry at oneself for feeling down, over-doing happy hour to avoid being still with one's thoughts, or even by hiding these experiences from those around us. By allowing these negative thoughts and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental way, we can begin to bring some more compassion to our experiences and be more in harmony with our bodies and our lives. 

Through Enodia Center's unique Life in Balance Meditation, we'll practice validating both Positive and Negative Emotions, and seeing them for what they are: normal, vital aspects of Our Human Experience.

Throughout this class, we'll connect and talk about this topic via practitioner-led group discussion, then experience a full guided Life in Balance Meditation, followed by Q&A. As always, we invite you to stay the last 10 minutes for tea, chocolates, and connecting with our community of women in a relaxed and easy setting.

What to expect:

All of Enodia Center’s sessions, Studio Series, and community events are designed to be realistic for every woman. You don’t have to alter your beliefs, lifestyle, or wardrobe to experience all the benefits of our Studio Series. Therefore, each class in the series is completely "come as you are". The only request we have is that you remove your shoes, so comfy socks are always a plus! As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.